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What to Do When Your Speaker Cancels or is a No-Show

  • Have a panel discussion on an easy, impromptu topic, such as “My Favorite Websites.”
  • Have an audience discussion or “sharing” meeting.
  • Have a discussion, questions or share topics prepared and available in advance.
  • Prepare in advance a handout outlining the topic or questions to be discussed.
  • If you have a speaker amongst your membership, ask that person to be an emergency back-up.
  • Show a genealogy or history-related DVD or video.
♦ Must have video equipment available.
♦ Purchase several videos to hold in reserve. Videos also may be available at the public library.
  • If an Internet connection is available, do a live website demonstration.
  • At seminars with multiple classes, redistribute the attendees to the other classes.
(Compiled by SRGC representatives – 2010)