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The Council is pleased to offer this directory to the genealogical and historical community. It is hoped that it will give valuable assistance to program chairs and society leaders of new and established societies.
Requirements and expectations of societies vary. For this reason, a speaker that is ideal for one society may be only acceptable for another. Therefore, it is advisable to discuss the topic in detail with the speaker before engaging him/her for your event.
Please note: Permission to use the contents of this directory is limited for the purposes stated above. The information is not to be provided for personal or business purposes. The contents of the directory are subject to applicable copyright laws.
The Sacramento Regional Genealogical Council 2022 SPEAKERS DIRECTORY is available in .pdf format using this link: 2022 Speakers Directory
2022 Addenda (pdf format)
Members have permission to print copies of the Directory from the provided file.

The SRGC is always seeking new speakers to offer presentations to our member societies.  You may use the following forms to submit requests to add new speakers to our directory: